Evangelist Dan Souza
Revival Report

Granite Baptist Church
Glen Burnie  MD









It was good to return to Granite Baptist Church to see the Lord work in so many ways.  I got to really meet the folks and spend time with them as well as the young people.  

I also had the privilege of preaching to the Junior and Senor High School twice as well as the elementary student body.  On Monday, the Jr/Sr. High School met at a park for a day of fun and two preaching times.   Brother Townsend has done a remarkable job as the Principal of the Academy as well as leading the church in a Godly and spirited music ministry.  Brother Brian Bufalini works with the youth as the Youth Pastor with a sincere heart for their lives and future ministry.  I so enjoyed all Five preaching times with the young people.

There was wonderful baptism on Sunday night.  Several folks got baptized into the membership of the church with good testimony of a changed life by the Grace of God.  An interesting thing happened.  A young lady was to be baptized but the day before had fallen and broken something in her arm.  The doctor wanted to put her arm in a cast but she told him "NO, I am getting baptized on Sunday and you can put the cast on Monday".  So on Sunday night she was baptized with a glorious smile on her face.  On Monday she went back to the doctor to have her arm set.  BUT when the X-Rays came back there was NO break!  The doctor was reported to have said "I don't know what kind of water Baptists use"  Well, the Lord honored her desire to be baptized no matter what the devil did to hinder it.  I guess that leaves me and you with NO excuse in my life not to do right!!


Lots of FUN       

The Cone Head Boys!!!


Lets not forget the famous  "Chubby Bunny" event!!


And Lets not forget the "Special Offering" for Brother Souza.
I must admit I was caught off guard as this was taken and presented to me.
Many thanks - Mrs. Souza is sharing in this blessing with me.


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